Good design recognizes beauty and inspiration as a vital component to the success of the overall design, essential to healthy living.  One Source Design Studi recognizes the need for beauty in our day-to-day lives. Beauty not only provides a positive aesthetic stimulus but also is recognition of care, in that we care for what we value. OSDS is committed to integrating the principle of beauty to each project.


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At One Source Design Studio we love to think, make and create! We have an innate curiosity with form and function, which leads us to provide interesting design solutions for any residential application. We often look to nature as a mentor/teacher in solving design problems. How would nature do this? We believe interior design can bring an experience that inspires without significant harm to the natural environment, ideally no harm. Beauty and function can and do come together in a harmonious way, which can be realized on any scale. In residential design, we aspire to create homes that will renew and reenergize the occupant. We are a client-based interior design company; and understand the spaces we design for are spaces you live your day-to-day lives. Let us know your upcoming project, we are grateful for an opportunity to share and design for your new or renewed home!



Honor and respect Nature. One Source Design Studio believes in the valuing the intelligence and beauty of nature. Outdoor Living can bring inspired joy to our lives. Our contribution is a collaborative experience with homeowners, working together to design a garden or outdoor living space that responds to their relationship with the land and home.  We offer space planning for the outside!  In any season you can enjoy being close to nature by a fully or partially enclosed outdoor garden area. We also provide original hand carved planters, totems and borders for garden areas.





Art is vital for positive human development. I believe art and the making of art keeps the human soul connected to the living consciousness in all life, the creative knowing. Art reminds us we are human; the beauty, the flaws, the joy, the pain. As an interior designer with strong roots in the visual arts, it is a privilege and a responsibility to bring beauty to our interior experiences, to enhance our day-to-day lives with joy, an elegant playful joy. I (owner/designer and artist) will consult with you personally to determine where you might discover your joy through fine and handcrafted art.





Wet-Carved Concrete is a style of sculpting that is taught through apprenticeship. Designer/artist Susan Jane Hall has been gracefully offered teachings through Master Carver Elder Garrison Jones ( and has been carving for 10 years. Wet-Carved Concrete is a technique that allows for unique and stylized designs incorporated in sculpture, planters, garden borders or walls. Incorporating the playful yet complex qualities, Susan looks to nature for inspiration.




As a child, Susan (OSDS owner/designer/artist) could always be found exploring mysterious crevices, pathways and openings in nature’s landscape. These unique experiences developed a different way of looking at the world, instilling a creative way to solve problems. Light, patterns, color and joinery are a few the qualities nature provides as inspiration to solving design problems, a more holistic way of thinking.

Owner/Designer Susan Jane Hall, holds a Masters Degree from WSU in Interior Design and a BFA in Fine Art from Belmont University, Nashville, TN. She has continued her education in sustainable design with certification from NSBA, Sustainable Building Advisor.  Susan works towards staying current on research regarding climate change and sustainability as we move towards significant change both economically and environmentally.  Drawn to the work of the Living Future Institute, Susan works towards Living Building Accreditation. 

Susan is also a passionate yoga practitioner, certified with RYT 400.  Yoga, chanting  and meditation provide the needed balance for a busy life and offer intuitive insight to solving not only life challenges but those in design!   She currently thrives in the state of Washington with her long time companion, Oscar (the cat).